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Dipper Academy

Dipper Academy application allows the people that are diabetes positive to learn new things about the disease, track glucose levels through external apis and be in touch with the community.


The application is based on Laravel using MySQL, utilizing migrations, repository pattern and many other great practices.

Learning areas

There are 7 learning areas representing a star in the Big DIPPer asterism.

Every star from the asterism consist N articles that the user has the ability to learn from them and “Complete” them one by one, here you see how a single star of the asterism looks a like.

Community Area

The community area includes questions and answers by the users and a live chat.

Glucose levels tracker Area

Each user has it’s own MRN (Patient medical record number) and by using it with the hospital’s API it allows the user to track his own glucose levels. Here you can see how that looks.

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