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Visualising the Air Quality in Macedonia on your WordPress Website

I wrote simple WordPress plugin that will display the current air quality. The plugin provides various tools for visualising the air quality in Republic of Macedonia on your WordPress website.

The air pollution data is provided by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.

Example 1: Multiple stations (with dropdown)

[mkdaiq_chart timemode='Day' xlabels=1 station=Centar]

Example 2: One station only (no dropdown)

[mkdaiq_chart station='Kicevo' stations_selector=0  unit='CO' timemode='Week']

Example 3: Map with all the stations

[mkdaiq_map date='2020-01-01' zoom=8]

Example 4: Most polluted areas now

Станица Вредност
Кавадарци 105 µg/m³
Кичево 54.95 µg/m³
Куманово 48.32 µg/m³
Тетово 40.03 µg/m³
Велес 2 35.25 µg/m³
Кочани 29.33 µg/m³
Битола 1 27.84 µg/m³
Гостивар 26 µg/m³
Миладиновци 26 µg/m³
Ректорат 25.98 µg/m³
Струмица 24.9 µg/m³
Ѓорче Петров 18.18 µg/m³
Центар 17.8 µg/m³
Лисиче 16.99 µg/m³
Карпош 16.96 µg/m³
Гази Баба 16 µg/m³
Лазарополе 0.1 µg/m³
January 22, 2022 / Последна Вредност / Дневно
[mkdaiq_rank date='today' timemode='Day' type='last' order='1']
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