How to resolve Docker Desktop login issue on Ubuntu/Debian

Darko Gjorgjijoski

If you are running Docker Desktop for a first time on Ubuntu/Debian desktop, most likely you will encounter issue that prevents you to login to the Docker Hub using the login button in the application UI.

The problem is that once you click on the “Login” button in the header on the right hand side, it happens nothing. To resolve this issue you will need to configure your credentials store as follows:

1. Install pass
sudo apt install pass
2. Install docker-credential-pass

Please make sure you download the latest version form the Releases page.

wget && tar -xf docker-credential-pass-v0.8.1-amd64.tar.gz && chmod +x docker-credential-pass && sudo mv docker-credential-pass /usr/local/bin/
3. Create a new GPG2 key

Run the following command and follow the prompts, in the end copy the pubID.

gpg2 --gen-key
4. Initialize the cred store

Run the following command to initialize the pass file, use the pub key from the previous command. It may prompt you to enter the GPG key password.

pass init pubID
5. Attempt to log in
docker login

That should be it. Hopefully this will save you some time.

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